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BOWA Agricultural Machines and Equipments / BOWA Irrigation System
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    We are KAINITZ CORPORATION makers of BOWA Agricultural Machineries and Drip Irrigation System.    We are a local manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machineries. We offer.

1.)    BOWA MT-920G Multi Tilling Machine for vegetable farming

2.)    BOWA GR-650R1 and GR-1300 Multi Purpose shredder for composting

3.)    BOWA KPS-250 Sprayer/Mist duster

4.)    BOWA PAS-2b Auto Corn Seeder

5.)    BOWA BGH-520 Grass cutter and Rice Harvester

6.)  Drip Irrigation System

7.)  Seedling Tray

We also have mini ricemill, portable tresher and other agricultural machineries.  If ever you need any machine for your farm please feel  free to contact us anytime.  You can reach us to this numbers (02) 7236240 to 41. Hope to hear from you soon.


 Best regards,


Erwin Villanueva


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